Practice Management Case Studies

The ability to diagnose a valuation problem and craft a workable solution is the only sustainable value of a medical practice valuation expert.

Divorce Litigation

Equitable Distribution

The spouse of a doctor getting a divorce retained the PVG team to value a podiatry practice for the purpose of equitable distribution of marital assets.

The Practice Valuation Group qualified podiatry practice valuation experts concluded that, by deliberately cutting back office hours, the doctor purposefully caused irreparable damage to the practice revenue and coincident fair value of the practice in order to willfully  punish the spouse of the divorcing doctor.

Valuing the podiatry practice for divorce mediation enabled the doctor and her spouse to successfully work out the division of marital assets.

Commercial Litigation

Breaking Up a Medical Practice Partnership

The PVG team of court qualified medical practice valuation experts were retained by a prominent litigator on behalf of his client, a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, to appraise the senior doctor’s practice in accordance with State Oppressed Shareholder Statutes for the purpose of dissolving the practice partnership.

The PVG valuation experts’ fair value conclusion confirmed that the projected revenue fallout linked to the decline in the number of physician referents and follow-on new patients not only jeopardized the earning potential of the practice but also put at risk the fair value of the practice.

Our valuation team issued an oral and written valuation report and gave deposition testimony.

Bankruptcy Litigation

The lawyer litigating a bankruptcy on behalf of a general dentist retained the PVG team of court qualified valuation experts to establish the value of the tangible assets, accounts receivable and patient records in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

The PVG team appeared at the United States District Bankruptcy Court where the Chief Judge ordered the practice be sold for the benefit of unsecured creditors such as sellers of clinical supplies; secured creditors such as banks and federal and state tax lien holders.

The court ordered sale price was the fair market value established by the PVG appraisal.

Damage Claim Litigation

An employment law specialist engaged by a plaintiff retained the PVG practice valuation team of experts to value a medical practice for a damage claim brought about by the breach of the non-competition and non-solicitation provisions in the associate doctor employment agreement by the defendant.

A fair value appraisal of the practice conducted in accordance with the State Oppressed Shareholder Statute proved that violation of the non-competition and non-solicitation provisions caused significant and long-lasting damage to the plaintiff and the practice of the plaintiff.

David was qualified by the court as a valuation expert and gave expert witness testimony in State Superior Court.

Practice Brokerage

Selling a Medical Practice

Our qualified medical practice appraisers worked with a doctor selling his medical practice. Determining what was the value of the practice enabled the seller to establish a realistic listing price which in turn enabled the buyer to get a loan to buy the practice.

Selling a Medical Practice to a Hospital

David and Vincent collaborated with the CEO of a hospital and an attending doctor selling a medical practice to determine the value of a practice the hospital wanted to purchase.

The medical practice valuation was carried out in accordance with Stark Anti-kickback Law and Federal Fraud and Abuse Regulations and Regulatory Safe Harbors.

Buying a Dental Practice

The PVG team was retained by a doctor buying a dental practice. Finding out what the practice was worth enabled the buyer to establish a purchase price, make a counteroffer and get a loan to buy the practice.

Purchasing a Partnership Interest in a Medical Practice

David and Vincent were retained by the husband of an associate doctor to establish the value of a family medical practice for the purpose of a partnership buy-in to the practice.

The PVG appraisal experts opined on what the medical practice was worth. David and Vincent helped the doctor make a counteroffer and resolve payout-arrangements with the senior doctor.

“”If you want to establish an exit strategy, buy or sell a medical practice, decide a damage claim litigation, resolve a medical practice breakup or settle a divorce complaint, a strong, valuable practice increases the likelihood of your success. A weak practice that has minimal value limits your options and restricts your ability to put a deal together.”

– Vincent M. Brinly