Practice Valuation Case Studies

The ability to diagnose a valuation problem and craft a workable solution is the only sustainable value of a practice valuation expert.

Litigation Support

Equitable Distribution

The PVG valuation team was engaged by a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a sub-specialty in facial plastic surgery to value his practice for equitable distribution of marital and divisible assets.

We argued that the transfer risk rooted in the patient records of this uncommon sub-specialty was excessive and disproportionate which undervalues future earnings and lessens fair market value.

The scope of this engagement was multifaceted. The PVG valuation experts appraised the practice; reviewed the adversary valuation report; gave counsel a hand preparing rebuttal, direct and cross examination and proffered deposition witness testimony.

Equitable Distribution

The PVG valuation team collaborated with the adviser of the non-titled spouse of a general dentist to determine the value of the doctor’s practice for equitable distribution of marital and divisible assets and spousal support.

David and Vincent argued that voluntary and intentional reduction of patient service capacity was self serving and would have an adverse impact on the future earning capacity of the practice and unfairly penalize the spouse.

We determined the value of the practice and teamed up with the team of advisers of the non-titled spouse to normalize adjusted net cash flow and EBITDA.

Breach of Contract Dispute

The PVG valuation team acted on behalf of a chiropractor in a contract dispute with his associate. The attorney for the doctor engaged PVG to calculate the damage consequence of the alleged violation of the associate’s covenant not to compete.

We argued the alleged contract breach caused irreparable damage to the patient records of the practice which devalued future earnings and decreased the value of the practice.

In order to calculate damages, the PVG team conducted a pre- and post-breach of contract valuation of the subject practice and also appraised the new practice of the former associate. David Shuffler also testified as an expert witness testimony in state superior court.

Practice Management Consulting

The Practice Valuation team was engaged by the associate of a board certified primary care doctor to assess her opportunity to acquire a partnership interest in the practice.

David and Vincent appraised the practice, designed a doctor compensation model and collaborated with the parties to flesh out governance issues as well as resolve payout arrangements and the impact of the outstanding accounts on the post buy-in working capital of the practice.

Strategic Planning

Integrated Delivery Network

David Shuffler and Vincent Brinly worked side by side with the senior managers of a hospital to determine the value of primary care practices the hospital wanted to acquire and integrate into their portfolio.

The appraisals were conducted in accordance with Internal Revenue Service Exempt Organizations Continuing Professional Education Technical Instruction Program, the Stark Anti-kickback Law, Federal Fraud and Abuse Regulations and Regulatory Safe Harbors.

The PVG team worked with the hospital managers and their attorney to facilitate realistic, Stark friendly purchase prices and, then, helped them design a seller compensation models that conformed to private inurement.


The PVG team was engaged by a veterinarian to determine the value of his share of the net income of an expense sharing small animal practice in accordance with a personal bankruptcy proceeding.

Since the expense sharing agreement divided the net income based upon individual production, Vincent and David tallied gross revenue and expenses ascribed to each doctor and, then, appraised the value of their share of net income and outstanding accounts receivable.


The PVG team was engaged by a physician group to determine the value of their practice for either the sale or donation of the practice to a local hospital.

David and Vincent appraised the practice and issued a written valuation report together with a fact sheet identifying valuation metrics such as break-even point, captialization rate and investment horizon.

The PVG team also agreed to review the valuation report issued by the hospital’s valuation consultant and collaborated with the parties to develop and carry out a transition plan designed to maximize patient and referent retention.

“If you want to establish an exit strategy, buy or sell a practice, flesh out a strategic plan or settle a legal matter, a strong, valuable practice increases the likelihood of your success. A weak practice that has minimal value limits your options and restricts your ability to put a deal together.”

– Vincent M. Brinly