Medical Practice Appraisal Specialists

Did you know that the value of a medical practice impacts every aspect of the professional, financial, and personal life of a doctor and his or her spouse?  If you are looking for an expert to value your practice, call PVG.

Divorce Litigation

Getting a divorce can be contentious and stressful. The court qualified valuation experts at PVG have the savvy, experience and wisdom that enable a divorcing doctor or the spouse of a divorcing doctor find workable, long lasting solutions to complicated questions such as what is a medical practice is worth without having to resort to messy and expensive court room battles.

  • Divorce Mediation
  • Division of Marital Assets
  • Deposition or Expert Witness Testimony
  • Collaborative Law in Divorce

Commercial Litigation

Breaking up a medical practice partnership or litigating a bankruptcy or damage claim can be challenging and acrimonious. The court certified medical practice valuation experts at PVG have the expertise and good judgement to help litigants settle these demanding practice valuation issues straight away without bitter and costly court proceedings.

  • Breakup of a Medical Practice Partnership
  • Damage Claim Analysis
  • Valuing Professional Goodwill in a Medical Practice
  • Bankruptcy Litigation

Practice Brokerage

Although selling or buying a medical, dental, or podiatry practice is a business transaction, it involves a lot more than money. Success requires commitment and hard work along with a qualified expert in practice appraisal by your side.

The PVG valuation team has the skill sets and savvy to help buyers and sellers work together to resolve tricky medical practical valuation issues and conclude the sale.

  • Establishing a Listing Price
  • Making a Counter Offer
  • Helping a Buyer Get a Loan to Buy a Practice
  • Establishing a Purchase Price

Strategic Planning

PVG goes to work on behalf of doctors and their advisors to make it easy for them to tackle hard questions associated with:

  • Hiring an Associate
  • Developing an Exit Strategy
  • Merging Practices
  • Designing a Compensation Model

“We don’t talk about valuation theory or appraisal concept with a doctor or the spouse of a doctor or their advisors. We talk about why you should value your medical practice, what your medical practice is worth and how you value a medical practice. We also talk about macroeconomic and practice-specific factors which shape the value of your medical practice. We thrash out execution and strategy. If a client walks this talk with us, we can help him or her solve their practice valuation problem. You can take that to the bank.”

– Vincent M. Brinly
& David J. Shuffler