Expert Practice Valuation

Our practice valuation team are savvy diagnosticians who know how to solve everyday and not so everyday practice valuation problems that confront doctors.


Vincent M. Brinly

CEO & Director of Valuation Services

Vincent Brinly is a skilled medical practice appraiser and an expert in Relative Value Unit (RVU) analysis. He represents clients in thirty-five states and has appraised practices that run the gamut from solo to multi-doctor and multi-specialty medical, podiatry, chiropractic, veterinary, and dental practices. Vincent has also advised clients regarding RVU based compensation.

In addition, he is an experienced insurance underwriting professional expert at putting together HMO, POS, and PPO group insurance proposals.

Vincent brings twenty-five plus years of practice valuation, insurance underwriting, and RVU analysis experience to the table. His articles on practice valuation have appeared in Medical Economics,  EyeCare Professional magazine, and Footlights, a quarterly publication of Podiatry Insurance Company of America (PICA).

Vincent holds a Bachelors Degree in business management and international business from the University of Louisville.

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DJSDavid J. Shuffler

Director of Client Services

David Shuffler brings thirty plus years of experience in medical practice finance, entrepreneurship, strategic thinking and valuation know-how to a profession dominated by number crunching. An expert in practice appraisal, practice economics, and macroeconomic and practice-specific risk analysis, he became interested in practice valuation in 1986 when he was the director of the medical practice finance group at National Westminster Bank, NJ.

David developed and presented seminars for The Medical Society of New Jersey, New Jersey Association of CPAs, New Jersey Veterinary Medical Society, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, American Society of Appraisers Chapter #73 and Family Law Section: Inns of Court Program. His articles on practice valuation and business management have appeared in Medical Economics, New Jersey Lawyer, Beckers ASC Review,, and Journal of the New Jersey Dental Association.

David holds a Bachelors Degree in marketing and finance from the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, University of Pennsylvania.

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In the executive summary of their September 2000 report, The Future of the Financial Advisory Business Part II: Strategies for Small Businesses, Undiscovered Managers, LLC wrote:

“Advisory firms of the future will…possess special expertise necessary to solve the most critical problems of a selected group of clients…Advisory clients do not want good advice. They want their problems solved…The value of an advisor is in their ability to diagnose problems and structure solutions.”