medical practice valuators

The Practice Valuation Group appraisal team are skilled fiduciary professionals – expert in the tangible and not so tangible nuances of medical practice appraisal.

Practice Valuation Group represents doctors and the spouses of doctors and their attorneys, estate planners and CPA’s throughout the United States. The PVG valuation team are specialists whose practice is dedicated exclusively to valuing medical, dental, chiropractic, veterinary, and podiatry practices as well as mental health practitioners and ambulatory surgical centers.

The PVG valuation team is committed to developing and implementing practical, proven valuation solutions that will enable our clients and their advisors to solve demanding practice valuation problems such as…

  • Divorce Mediation
  • Estate Planning
  • Matrimonial Litigation
  • Developing an Exit Strategy
  • Establishing a Purchase Price for Buying a Practice
  • Breaking Up a Medical Practice Partnership
  • Equitable Distribution of Marital Assets
  • Merging Two or More Medical Practices
  • Deposition or Expert Witness Testimony
  • Valuing a Practice for a Damage Claim Analysis
  • Valuing a Practice for Bankruptcy Litigation
  • Establishing a Listing Price for Selling a Practice

“Since the value of your medical practice impacts every aspect of your life, it is essential you know what your practice is worth. Valuing a medical practice is unique. There are no quick fixes and rules of thumb are dumb. It takes special skills and know-how to diagnose and solve every day and not so every day medical practice valuation problems such as buying into a partnership, getting a divorce, selling or buying a medical, dental or podiatry practice, estate planning, bankruptcy litigation or breaking up a medical practice partnership that confront a doctor or the spouse of a doctor.”

– Vincent M. Brinly