Practice Management Consulting

Our valuation experts are battle tested authorities in medical practice finance and practice appraisal.

Our valuation experts are skilled fiduciary advisors who stand ready to counsel solo doctors, large group practices, primary care doctors as well as medical, dental, podiatry, and veterinary specialists and sub-specialists, ambulatory surgical centers, cataract surgical centers, free standing radiology diagnostic centers and hospitals.

The PVG team works side by side with physicians, dentists, chiropractors, podiatrists and veterinarians and their advisors offering them practical advice and cutting-edge solutions to challenging problems.

Vincent M. Brinly, Director of Valuation Services and David J. Shuffler, Director of Client Services at PVG have helped doctors and their attorneys, financial planners, bankers and accountants answer hard questions and solve tough practice valuation problems, practice brokerage challenges, and litigation disputes for over three decades.

We take pride in our reputation, our commitment to excellence, our appraisal smarts and our first-rate client service.

Vincent and David have appraised over 900 doctor practices.  David has been endorsed by a number of county and state professional societies.  He has also been court appointed to perform practice appraisals for divorce and proffer expert witness testimony in New Jersey, Alaska, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Vermont, and Virginia.

PVG appraisals are conducted in accordance with the provisions of theInternal Revenue Service Exempt Organizations Continuing Professional Education Technical Instruction Program, Federal Estate Tax and Gift Regulations, Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice of The Appraisal Foundation (USPAP) and the Principles of Appraisal Practice and Code of Ethics of the American Society of Appraisers.

“I value doctor practices. I’ve done it for a long time and I do it well. Why? Because I understand the why and the how of practice valuation. I take into account medical economics and consider practice specific risk factors. I also crunch numbers. My passion is giving doctors good advice and down-to-earth, proven solutions to their valuation problems.”

– David J. Shuffler