Strategic Medical Planning

Our team of appraisal experts has the savvy and insight to help doctors, spouses of doctors, hospital administrators, attorneys, and CPA’s meet their special and unique valuation needs.

Medical Doctor

Henry J. Fishman, MD


The Practice Valuation Group is absolutely nationally top notch.  They did a superb job inter-personally and professionally helping me value a medical practice I hope to purchase.  Mr. Brinly was kind, courteous, and responsive.  He answered all my questions promptly and accurately.  The valuation was done two weeks ahead of the agreed upon.  It was superb.  They made all the complicated numbers simple enough for a doctor to understand.  In addition to a simple, clear summary, their explanations of the numbers and how they arrived a final value were on target.  I highly recommend Practice Valuation Group.  I would use them again without hesitation.  They are great.

Susan L. Marra, MS, ND


After significant thought regarding the monetary worth of my medical practice, I contacted David Shuffler and Vincent Brinly of the Practice Valuation Group for a professional valuation.

They gathered lots of demographic and financial data in order to make the most informed recommendation of the fair market value of my practice. After several conference calls, they sent me a written valuation report and, then, explained how they arrived at their valuation conclusion.

I am very satisfied with their consulting services.

In these times of economic uncertainty, it is worthwhile to plan for the future by knowing what your practice is worth. By doing this, you maximize your ability to make informed decisions about your professional, personal and financial future.

I highly recommend their services to any physician who is interested in assessing their practice and its fair market value.


Christopher Puzio, DVM MS

Founder and CEO, Rockland Veterinary Care, LLC

David Shuffler exhibits the highest level of professional integrity. He is a committed and passionate professional who is prepared to help guide your practice to success.

He was instrumental in helping me merge three small veterinary practices into one thriving veterinary business. David helped us map an operating model for our hospital system; develop a brand image; establish operations protocol and re-structure our finances and banking relations.

I would highly recommend David for your valuation and practice management needs. His experience in medical practice finance and extensive banking relationships are invaluable.


Vineet Sohoni, DDS

Florham Park Dental Excellence
973.377.4212 •

I met David Shuffler many years ago when I was searching for a dental practice to purchase.

Buying or selling a practice can be very stressful experience. The practice I purchased was particularly so since it involved a dentist that had suddenly passed away. His family members were engaged in settling his estate as well as the sale of the practice. David was very skillful in educating the family in the valuation process.

The transition could not have gone smoother. David’s attention to details, professionalism and knowledge is what sets him apart from the rest. His integrity is unmatched and he has the uncanny ability to break down complex business ideas and make them simple to understand. Both parties felt the deal was very fair, even today I am still very friendly with the family of the prior dentist.

I would highly recommend David for any practice valuation or management needs. His business acumen is rare and anyone who uses his talent will be well served. I am very fortunate to have met him.

Peter Tsambazis, DMD

Advanced Dental • 973.586.4444

David Shuffler has been a godsend to me, my family and my practice.

I have met no other person that is so competent and talented in dental practice acquisition and financial forecasting than David. From large urban clinics to small private practices, his recommendations and analyses have proven to be right on target each and every time.

He taught me to pass up a deal if it is not profitable or too much of a risk. His forecast accuracy and deep knowledge kept me from making huge mistakes that would have ruined me financially.

Similarly, his expertise has proven to work like a charm in my current dental practice which is thriving despite the current economic situation. I would seek no other advice in my field when looking to purchase, sell or simply evaluate a dental practice than that of David Shuffler.

Thanks a million!


Miya C. Bazley, DC
724.433.9466 •

The smartest thing I did when I decided to buy a practice was hire Vincent Brinly and the Practice Valuation Group.  They worked efficiently to give me a valuation that was thorough, fair, and accurate which enabled the seller and I to finalize the deal.

I looked at another practice and asked Vincent to appraise it.  He advised me not to buy this practice because it was broken and overpriced and helped me to understand buying it would be a huge mistake.

Without reserve I would recommend Vincent and the PVG team to my colleagues because they have the know-how and savvy to give you a realistic, straightforward, quality evaluation which is essential when buying a practice.

“If you need to find an expert to value your medical practice, you can place your trust in the track record, experience and credibility of our appraisal team. Here’s why.

  • All we do is value medical, dental, chiropractic, veterinary, podiatry and mental health practices.
  • We analyze macroeconomic and practice specific risk factors rather than just crunch numbers.
  • We understand the theory of valuation and the common sense of medical practice finance.”

– Vincent M. Brinly
& David J. Shuffler